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Supptech offers a convenient, end-to-end financing solution that caters to the needs of both Suppliers and Clients. Our platform provides a simple and efficient way to access short-term cash for invoices, while also offering value-add products designed to help Suppliers grow their businesses.

Our Supplier and Client portals enable easy registration and onboarding, with quick turnaround times that make financing accessible to businesses of all sizes. With a presence across the SADC region, Supptech also offers real-time exchange rate options in multiple currencies, providing flexibility and convenience to our Suppliers and Clients.

Our platform is designed to streamline the financing process, saving Suppliers and Clients the time and resources typically required for traditional banking. At Supptech, we are committed to providing hassle-free, user-friendly financing options that help businesses thrive. We're Not A Bank, We're Better

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Simple, safe and ready to help you

We’re not a bank, we’re better

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Why SuppTech?

  • • Seamless online registration and onboarding process
  • • Agile end-to-end application fulfilment Channel
  • • Completely digital offering with Client and Supplier portals
  • • Quick turnaround time
  • • Multi-currency options

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